1. Historical Development

The real start of marching band in Japan is not so old as new knowledge of marching band was learned from US military bands staying in Japan during the post war period.
During the time of Tokyo Olympic Game held in 1964 , marching bands became more popular and active and as a consequence Parade Band Association was organized in Kanto Area ( Tokyo and surroundings ) in 1967 ( Mr. Tetsuya Hirooka , Executive Director ) in view of the development and spread of marching bands. The Association started activities mainly by organizing marching band clinics in Japan.
EXPO held in Osaka in 1970 has given major impact to the development of marching bands as it was a world scale event and many marching bands started their active movements throughout the country. There was a slight difference of style between Kanto and Kansai area ( Osaka and surroundings ) however, Japan Marching Band Directors Association was first organized in 1971 with participation of 250 directors in view of developing marching bands and baton twirling in Japan. ( Mr. Ichitaro Tsujii as first Executive Director )
Since then, the Association aiming for training of directors and for preparing necessary educational materials has been organizing the marching band clinics ( Spring and Summer Camps ) every year . This year the 81st camp was held and the number of persons participated in the camps accumulated totally more than 13,000 and among them 332 official directors were authorized by the Association. Many educational materials including 3 volumes of Hand Books , 2 volumes of Guide Books and many VTR were made by the association.
Parade Association has changed its name as All Japan Marching Band Association in 1972 ( Executive Director Mr. Hideki Matsumoto ) and afterwards the name was changed as All Japan Marching Band and Baton Twirling Association in 1979 and until today they have held 35 times "The All Japan Marching Band and Baton Twirling Contest", which is being held during two days every year having participation of more than 100 selected bands and teams from elementary schools , junior high schools, high schools and community groups .
In 2005 , Japan Marching Band Directors Association and All Japan Marching Band & Baton Twirling Association merged together into a new organization named Japan Marching Band & Baton Twirling Association ( Executive Director Mr. Genkichi Harada ) . In June 2007 , Ms. Noriko Sugiura succeeded Mr. Genkichi Harada .

2. Present Activities

(1) All Japan Marching Band and Baton Twirling Contest

Every year since 1973 ( December and January )

(2) All Japan Marching and Baton Stage Contest

Every year since 2002 ( March )

(3) Training Clinics for directors of marching bands and baton twirling

Every year since 1971 ( March and August )

(4) Seminar for qualification as judges in license test

Every year since 1971 ( November-March at 10 different areas )

(5) License System

1. Directors ( since 1978 )

third class second class first class semi official official

2. Student ( since 1987 )

Class 4 , Class 3 , Class 2 , Class 1

(6) Materials ( marching and baton )

1. Hand Books First, Second and Third Volume

2. Guide Books First and Second Volume

3. Basic Technique of Color Guards and Marching Percussion

4. VTR ( total 12 volumes )

5. Others